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Hotel For Dogs
March 4, 2009

It’s very rare that I get out to see a current movie. In fact, I can’t actually recall the last ‘new’ film I went to see. Last week, however, I found myself reeling with shock at the ticket prices and the shockingly small but highly expensive bags of popcorn and other associated cinematic treats that naturally go hand in hand with a day out at the flicks. The reason for this excursion was a long promised trip to the cinema for my 6 year old little girl. As such, she got to choose which film she wanted to see which resulted in my settling down to watch ‘Hotel for Dogs’.

Basically it’s a story of a brother & sister who have moved from foster home to foster home and are currently on their last chance to stay together. They frequently steal and use fraudulent means to feed their dog which they have been keeping in secret (yes – let’s get priorities right here…) During one such excursion they are running from the police and take refuge in a large disused old hotel – surprisingly and completely unbelievably still furnished. There they come across two other stray dogs who have taken up residence there. The brother (who just so happens to be able to rig up all sorts of machines (quite where they get all the parts is never really fully explained…) Eventually they acquire several hundred dogs and it all goes horribly wrong etc etc (ok – maybe not several hundred!)but everything works out spiffingly in the end…

The movie was obviously aimed at children who don’t mind several enormous and gaping plot holes and on the whole was fairly enjoyable if not totally predictable. There were some nice and funny moments in it – including the Golden Fire Hydrant, however, not being a dog person, it didn’t really strike a chord with me. If it had been up to me, I’d have left them all in the pound and thrown the kids in jail!