Keep your lid on

At the moment I seem to be catching up on my movie collection, more than my bookshelf. That’s okay with me…I just have to remind myself to blog about the movies, and in a sense to keep on thinking. This is probably why I don’t smoke weed, or do any drug other than alcohol…this is because I’m too addicted to a clear mind. So the movie I saw the other day (which I thought to be blog-able) was Be Cool. This is quiet an old movie, but it had Uma Thurman in it.

She an acting legend IMO. Of course after Quentin Tarantino got a hold of her, I’m used to seeing her swinging swords and covered in blood. It was actually quite refreshing to see her in a more feminine role for a change. In this movie she plays an owner of a record company. Her and co-star John Travolta, are trying to get a talented young girl in the music industry.

There are a few problems. She already had a contract with someone else…although that one wasn’t going anywhere. So she has to try brush off these wanna-be gangsters, plus the Russians who are always involved somehow. This is a very quirky movie. It has numerous twists and turns, not to mention it has Travolta actually playing the good guy (which is rare with his current films). I would give it 4/5 simply because I don’t think it’s everyone’s kinda movie. On the up-side it has some good twists in the plot, and plenty of laughs.

I find the trick to a good comedy is does the person understand the underlying humor of the whole story. The scriptwriter wants the viewers to see a certain thread of comedy, and in this case it’s not always seen. This could be seen as a positive or negative. You should know by now that the movies I review are one’s I hate, this is because I find that a waste of breath. There are too many good movies to promote!




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