Darkly Dexter

Most of us want to be serial killers. We may not like to kill someone, see someone beg for their life, or even see blood everywhere. Everyone likes that image that serial killers have. It’s that ability to blend into the background, and still look good. Even Ted Bundy looked like a respectable guy, because that seems to be part of the criteria to taking lives…looking good.

We live in a very aesthetic culture that tells us we have to look good (despite what we may be going through). I came to realize this when watching the devious and intriguing TV series Dexter. For those who haven’t heard of it…I’ll give a little to whet your appetite.

The Nutshell Version

Dexter had an urge to kill from the time he was young. He seemed to feel different from everyone else. Luckily his foster father came to see this and helped his hone this ability. According to Dexter (and his Father) it is only appropriate to kill someone if they have done harm than good. So if (the victim in question) has destroyed countless lives and isn’t prepared to change, then Dexter deals with the rest. Like any serial killer he goes to great lengths to cover up his deeds, because in reality he is a cop.

Yup you heard right. To pass the time he works in Forensics as an expert in blood spatter, after all this is what he does best. This creates an interesting twist to the series. He has to constantly wear a ‘social mask’ to hide what he really is. The question now arises…how withdrawn should you keep yourself?

I’m only into the first season…and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. IMO this series deserves an 8/10. The photography is very well done, and the storyline is most definitely gripping. I only hope that the essence I’m drawn to isn’t lost in seasons 2 and 3. Sometimes I think it’s advisable to only watch the first season of some series, because after that you (and the Director) really lost the plot (i.e. Prison a prime candidate).




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