Personal triumph and a tragedy

After watching the most drawn-out and brutalized TV series in American History, I feel like more of a survivor than the people I was watching. I’m talking about the series Lost. Call me a bit slow but I only just finished watching Season 4 recently.

And you may now ask, why watch a series that you’re already calling terrible? Well, to be entirely honest, I went along with the crowd and saw through the first two seasons. After that Season 3 came along, which seemed bit-sized in length so I decided to whip through it and watch it. I kind of forced Season 4 upon myself now because I needed a break after writing exams, and since I’d eaten my way through 90% of my movie collection…Season 4 was literally staring me in the face and calling my name.

So I’ve now ploughed through a record of four whole seasons! This feels like my biggest film achievement ever for some reason. Even after watching the entire series of Battle Star Galactica (2004) I didn’t feel so tired, weather-beaten…and damn hungry. I’ve made a mental note in the process, which is to steer clear of commenting on any films that has any kind of survivors and/or island-based theme.

Now that I’ve got all that off my chest, I feel better 😀




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