The Future War is about to begin…
February 2, 2009

A lot of people seem to be bracing themselves for the end of the world nowadays. To be honest – it’s most probably been like that through all of history when you start adding up all the atrocities that follow us. Moving on though, I’ve often asked myself the question…if there is going to be a war (assuming we actually are on the brink of Armageddon) what will the war be?

There are many possibilities if you start to think about what really gets under our skin. So most people will start a list running in their heads: water, oil, races, technology, knowledge, land, etc. (Keep in mind that a war is never fought over a single issue.) For the sake of the debate, I’ll pick one.


Races…Wars have been fought over this one, and still will be in the future. This also reminds me of the film, Crash. I saw it over the weekend, and I realized what an amazing portrayal of racial clashes this was. It also had a noteworthy cast consisting of Sandra Bullock, Don Cheadle and Brendan Fraser.

*A quick sum up of the plot*

I have to hand it to the director of this one. This storyline surely kept us guessing. There are about 4-6 different groups of characters, namely a white couple, two black friends, a Persian family, a Mexican family, and one or two others. The black guys are gangsters angry with life, the white couple is struggling to keep up a middle class marriage, the Persians are having trouble with their family business, and so on. It’s a tough movie to watch because everything depicted is extremely relevant to what is going on today.

For the first time I can’t unroll the story into a summary. I came across it when I was going through the technological debris on my computer. I started watching it and became more and more engrossed. I actually enjoyed it so much that I might go and buy myself a copy to lend out to friends. I’m different in that way. Most people will buy a film they haven’t yet watched. I, on the other hand, will buy one that I’ve seen just so that I can lend it out to friends of mine.



So who will enjoy this movie…I would say people that like ‘gritty’ movies. By this I mean movies that you can understand because they are almost a documentary. All fiction is based on elements of reality. I’m also a fan of Sandra Bullock. Her early work was not so impressive. Although, when I start to look at her acting in this film…I can see she is maturing into a great actress.

Another great actor is Don Cheadle (who you may recognize from the film, Reign Over Me). He is (to my knowledge) fairly new on the acting scene, but he has a depth in the way he carries himself on the screen.



Couches & Potatoes
January 30, 2009

Potatoes and Couches – go together like… well, like… what exactly does that expression mean anyway? Do potatoes in their natural environment flock together and lounge around on soft furnishings all day? 

Let us take a brief look at the various definitions that have been assigned for ‘Couch Potato’…

  1. An idler who spends much time on a couch (usually watching television)
  2. “Couch Potato” is a song by “Weird Al” Yankovic.
  3. Couch Potato was a children’s television show broadcast on ABC TV in Australia, airing on Sunday mornings.

Mostly however, it’s popular usage refers to point 1. 

So from this fascinating fact, one can almost safely assume that this blog will largely concern that ever popular pastime of sitting around consuming all manner of visual, musical and interwebby delights then spouting our opinions of them at you!